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Shop branded clothes for lower than outlet price



5 reasons why shopping with us


-- 1,500 branded products
-- 19 world brands
-- 100 % of the products in stock
-- More than 15,000 satisfied customers per year
-- British standard of customer service



At Fashion4VIP, you can buy more than 1,500 fantastic products of worldwide respected brands right from our stores in the Great Britain. We send the goods directly, however customer service and complaints are being dealt in the Czech Republic.

Our prices are the lowest in the Czech Republic also if you compare them with other outlet stores.

We represent 19 luxury brands which are desired by everyone. These are so-called „Love brands“ in each country - Ralph Lauren, Gant, Hugo Boss, Armani or Burberry. These brands use the highest-quality materials.


Fashion4VIP company involves an English team which means that we are in a daily contact with the latest trends in English as well as worldwide fashion.
We realize that if you love branded clothes, jewellery and accessories, then you always follow the hot new products and market releases.


We often manage to obtain the new products even before the official release in the shopping channel. Our customers are usually amazed by the high quality of the clothes, jewels and accessories  they receive.


In 2014, we served over 15,000 customers, and according to a survey, 96% of the customers would recommend us to their friends.

Our philosophy: We want to deliver quality products at attractive prices to people that will appreciate it.



something about us


The company was founded in 2011 by Mr. Harry Muskee in England who is very proud to break through the market with enormous pressure on prices and customer service.


Since his goods and services had had success with demanding British customers, he decided to delight also Czech customers. The result is that now you can buy branded clothes at prices lower than in the outlet also in the Czech Republic.


Along with the world fashion, we provide our services with British customer service. We have stores in 5 European countries, and we know that who does not do everything for his customer, cannot survive on the market in the long term. Czech branch of the company consists of 6 people who ensure the running of the shop and shipping. We sell exclusively online which helps us to keep the prices at a very low level.


Work with luxury goods is our life and we are happy to be in touch with people who have the same interest. Approximately 50% of the customers shop with us 2 or more times.


With low profit margins on the goods we do not need to invest in advertising and the regular customers are the value we are looking for. They are the ones who bring us more customers. Needs or problems of our client are always in the first place.



we fancy the top brands


Within 4 years of our existence we succeeded unreal! We have concluded contracts with many luxury brands, which is something the others are just dreaming of.

Famous brand is - as we say – a BONUS! Buy a no-name shirt and after 5 to 10 washings you notice the difference. Branded clothing keeps its quality over a long period. That is its main strength - materials!

What we do best?


Our customers would definitely say that we are number one in shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Shirts Ralph Lauren sell like hot cakes,  favourite T-shirts or polo shirts comes from Gant, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren. Sweatshirts only from Armani. Women love Burberry scarves. But there is much more than that.

We have 19 top brands in stock, such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Abercrombie & Fitch, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, GANT, La Martina, Gianfranco Ferre, Calvin Klein, G-STAR, IPARELDE, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, US Polo, Via Bellucci, Lacoste, Armani, Paul Shark

About 20% of our customers do not order for themselves but want to do make their partners happy. We have adapted our customer service to this trend and we are always willing to help you to choose the right present.

We enjoy it! Our company continues to grow and we want to have a leading position in the EU. In addition, working with the luxury goods will never loose its attraction. We are an international company with experience!

We often offer our clients free shipping, bonuses such as small jewels in case that a customer exceeds a certain price limit, or a branded bags with specific products.

Would you like your goods to be replaced? No problem...  What we know from the British market is that you can never fight with your customers. You, as a customer, are the treasure that must be cared for and listened to. We believe that when you are satisfied, you recommend us further.



Start shopping luxury brands at a price lower than the in the outlet today!

náš team


    Mudr. Jan Rigo                           Harry Muskee                             Bc. Filip Kamaz

    Director of the Czech shop      Owner of the company               Communication with customers

    ...every day on the phone         ....negotiates better prices         ...solves every problem for

    with customers                           and new brands for you             you and gives good advice

    Pavel Sara                                  Matěj Němec                               Miranda Berkel

    Replacements                            Storehouse                                  Online shop development

    ...when the clothes don´t fit       ...ensures on-time delivery        ...ensures smooth operation and

    or you have other problem      of the goods                                  development of the online shop